Vessels and other 3 dimensional objects made using an unusual stitch technique.
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Like the 2D pieces, these 3D pieces are made by sandwiching silk fibres and tiny pieces of fabric and textured threads between layers of soluble film, which will have been cut to a pattern shape.  This sandwich is machine stitched copiously, before, possibly, adding more layers of fibres and stitching again.  Most 3D pieces are made up of two separately stiched layers stitched together before the film is washed away, leaving a completely new double-layered piece of lacy cloth.  I may add hand stitching, beads, or glitter.  The damp cloth is then placed over a mould, eg a vase, a medium (such as varnish) added, and left to dry; the more shaped, ruched or folded pieces will be dried with a hair drier to set the piece before being left for up to a week to dry completely. A piece takes many hours of skilled work to make, after pattern design and cutting, and general design work which may also 'mull around' for days, weeks, even months.