Textiles and Paintings made since January 2012


2012 was creatively a quiet period for me, following the death of my dear Mum. I made just a few new textile pieces, and painted very little. In the September I started silver-smithing classes at the local adult education centre (currently,outrageously, under threat of closure). This provided a new focus of creativity, and I will be including pictures of this work, although none is for sale. 


Moving into the New Year of 2013, I found a renewed interest in painting. Early in the year, I came across a book, "Brave Intuitive Painting" by American artist Flora Bowley. I fell for her large, colourful, abstract paintings, full of secret layers and symbolism, and, in May 2013,signed up for her on-line course. I've always enjoyed the physicality of painting, especially in larger work, and playing with colour, but this course has really helped me to free up my creativity, and accept that an artist does not always need a subject, theme or message in order to paint! I have also met on-line lots of fellow artists who also did this course, and who are continuing to develop their work and produce lovely paintings.


So, in this section you will find textile work from 2012, and paintings and experimental drawings from 2013. Also, my jewellery!